Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Expat wife and Filipina blogger living in Singapore

Do you know how is a expat wife and Filipina blogger living in Singapore? I think not many people will know about it, this is PinayJade who is Pinay at heart! She is just back in the city life of Singapore. She was a way a while to her farm in Palawan, Philippines. Jade is the first Filipina blogger that I know who is living in Singapore.

The picture on the left you are looking at is her organic veggie farm in Palawan. I love to have my own farm but it is not cheap here. I find that Jade is a dedicated blogger who loves blogging and taking pictures with her digital camera. is where you can read more and find out more about Jade. She has come up with this title name and I think it is perfect for her. Not only means for her but also where she's from.

This year is her seven years attached to this wonderful Dutchman as you can see on the picture on the left here. Jade loves sweet and she loves chocolate more than her better half! If you have not been to Singapore this is the blog where you find things to do in Singapore. Jade sharing her wonderful pictures of Singapore and food you that will like to try out.

MommaWannabe is another blog belonging to Jade, this is where you Jade express more about her and feeling towards the motherhood. Don't get me wrong, Jade's wishes to have a baby soon and I hope her wish comes true.

I think it is not easy to find someone that has share the same interest as you. I am glad I found Jade because both of us love blogging and we spend more than 40 to 50 hours a week on the computer.

Say no more, if you like to know more about Jade go ahead visit her blogs.

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