Sunday, March 14, 2010

Review: Travelin' with Marie

Today my review is on Travelin' with Marie, I remember taking part in Marie blog contest last year. Marie is planning a wedding this is your chance to follow her blog to find out! Psst Marie's Birthday is coming check out the mega wish list part 2. If you love digital scraps, I am sure you will love what you see.

Travelin' with Marie the blog is three columns template and there is 8 followers on the blog. You can see her blog with a picture of her and her loved one. Marie is 20 year old and she is engaged, I think this is what every girl's want and dream of!

If you want to know more of Marie on wedding planning, you got to visit her blog. You can even share your view and thoughts. Marie wedding date is on 06.10.10, it just few months away from now. Marie is excited and she even post a dream attire, I like the off shoulder wedding gown so pretty!

Marie has listed down the time line

04.17.06 - Officially started dating
07.12.07 - Moved in together
06.10.10 - Soon-to-be Wedding

I am so happy for Marie she has found Mr. Right! If you love to know more about Marie and her wedding plans take a visit to her blog.

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