Thursday, September 2, 2010

Me headache and housemate also headache

I don't understand how this happen that I have headache and she telling me that she has headache too. She nap in the day time for a while I was out under hot sun. I still have headache and I have not been feeling cheerful until I got the prize of consolation I won. The nail polish very nice and I plan to wear it for the wedding dinner.

The wedding dinner is at another state and I know I will be bored there. My head is pain and I try nap but cannot perhaps I have been working late. I have been working for day and night for the contest I am taking part. Just aim to win the prize that I like, the prize I can devide to good use for family too.

I hope my housemate don't give me all that look, she not well I told her bring her see doctor but she refused. She only want go back her mom's place for see doctor because way cheaper there.

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