Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ABC's of PinayJade the Filipina Blogger

I want to tell you that you can still take part in Jade's contest, her contest ends on 30 April, 2009. Filipina Blogger Birthday's Celebration is where you can check out the contest for more detail. This contest is open to everyone who has a blog with at least 15 posts.

Jade has been attached to the man she loves for six years. Essential item for Jade is Foundation! ABC's of PinayJade is where you get to know more about her. She is a Filipina Blogger living in Singapore and soon she is going back to Philippines to design her dream home.

If you are ever going to Singapore got to visit the Flea Market, it is an interesting place where you get to see many things. I can tell you that most of them are old stuff but to some people it is precious to them. If you love to listen to songs who knows you might find the songs that you have been looking for years.

I am sure if you like to know things to do in Singapore. Just check out Jade's blog for more info.

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